Our Work

In the Antarctic Season 2017-2018 we develop work in the Kopri Korean Base (Korean Polar Research Institute) where the transport of containers with supplies was made and fundamental machineries for the operation of said enclosure, located in the Fildes sector.

With great success and satisfaction on the part of the Korean officials, it was possible to carry out a neat work and with excellent results.

In turn, later during the season an exhaustive trip was made by Antarctic sectors together with a multidisciplinary team of Turkish scientists, where the Antarctic Warrior came to Bahía Margarita, one of the farthest points from the aforementioned route. Together with television professionals from that country, an historical audiovisual record was achieved regarding the scientific work of said team, with extremely positive results. Our crew is characterized by the excellent disposition to this type of requirements and it was seen clearly reflected during the Antarctic Season 2017-2018.