Our Partners


Petromar Petromar is a company that was born in 2008 and that makes special services to salmon companies and delivery of fuel in centers of crops of the Tenth Region of Chile (Puerto Montt). Later, its development expanded to the southern end (Magallanes), specializing in Bunker Delivery, supplying fuel from ship to ship. In 2015, Petromar marked a historic milestone since its tank ship "Tamina", which means SPIRIT in Danish mythology, made for the first time a fuel transfer to a large vessel in Puerto Williams, capital of the Antarctic Province. The "Tamina" measures 67 meters long, 10.5 meters wide; It has a capacity of 1,430 m3, a tonnage of 996 TRG, and a propeller bow with Bow Thruster that allows it to have great maneuverability indispensable in port and for stealing. You could say that this boat is a floating service and that it can distribute fuel to large, small ships that also supply land stations. "Tamina" is the only ship that delivers this fuel supply, loading and unloading service in the Southern Austral zone. Petromar is betting on the development of this geographical location, delivering a new modality in the scenario of fuel supply for the passing ships and for locations such as Puerto Williams, and various Antarctic and sub-Antarctic points.


ES-KO ES-KO, is one of the most important companies in the world in its field and has its world headquarters in Monaco. This company is an integrated international logistic support group that offers fast, realistic and effective solutions to clients in difficult circumstances that arise in extreme geographical locations, unstable political situations and places lacking adequate infrastructure anywhere in the world. Es-KO ES-KO's services cover four main sectors of activity in support of international organizations and public and private companies, which provide unique and customized solutions for Total Facility Management. ES-KO has extensive experience and successful records working directly with European MOD and European Defense Ministries (including the Navy) in the provision and distribution of food, life support services, construction of hospitals, clinics and camps. ES-KO has signed a public-private partnership with the International Cooperation of Monaco and a trade association with the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco. It is worth mentioning that Prince Albert II of Monaco is interested and directly involved in the preservation of the Antarctic Pole and is willing to provide all the necessary support in this direction. The services we offer range from turnkey site infrastructure, engineering design and support, to food and product supply, support and life support services, retail services (PX / Duty- Free, bars and cafes) and all associated logistics services. Our advanced capabilities and experience in these fields allow our clients to concentrate on their core business and perform complex missions on a daily basis throughout the world, while ES-KO is compatible with the entire Project and Operation. Our team is multinational and has a commitment to excellence and innovation. ES-KO's highly qualified management staff and fully trained staff work together at headquarters, ES-KO offices and field operations to provide the best service to all of our clients.