Smart Logistics Management

ANTARCTIC CARGO is an innovative and dynamic company that specializes in providing intelligent solutions of ANTARCTIC AND OFFSHORE LOGISTICS. Its central area of ​​operation is THE SOUTHERN CONE OF AMERICA, with licenses to operate from PUNTA ARENAS towards the Pacific Ocean and the South Atlantic, as well as the ANTARCTIC area.

Marine Transportation

ANTARCTIC CARGO has the ship ANTARCTIC WARRIOR, capable of transporting 2,250 tons of cargo on deck, 700 tons under cover, and 700 m3 of MDO fuel (Mariene Diesel Oil). Also, our boat has its own crane with a capacity of 50 Tons lift, which allows us to arrive with your cargo to the ends of the Southern Cone of America.

Offshore Operations

ANTARCTIC CARGO prides itself on its practical approach and its high level of service, ensuring that the agreed requirements are met in a precise and timely manner. We have accredited and specialized personnel for OFFSHORE operations.


The best service requires the best team.

our team


The "Antarctic Warrior" begins its journey of just over 1,630 kilometers from the port of Punta Arenas with its clear destination towards Antarctica. After crossing the Drake Pass, head towards the Nelson Strait, between Nelson Island and Robert and then arrive at the Bransfield Strait. Later, it continues towards the South passing through Livingstone, Snow and Deception, to land in the Bransfield Strait.

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